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15 September 2011


September 12, 2009
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2 years later in Africa, doing what brought us together
Monday was our 2 year anniversary! It's crazy how fast it goes by. We've now spent more of our marriage living outside the country than in, which is also a crazy thought. Anyway we had a lovely day. Owen had Soc, the guy he does the radio on Friday's with, play our wedding song  Then by Brad Paisely that morning on the radio which was a nice start to the day. After classes, work, and studying, we went our for dinner. Soc let Owen borrow his Mercedes SLK sports car so we were able to ride around in style. We went to this nice resort tucked away from the rest of St Maarten. The streets are nice, there are light posts, well manicured lawns and gardens, it doesn't feel like the island at all. We ate at a Japanese restaurant that served teppanyaki (hibatchi style). The table wrapped around the grill and they cooked right in front of you, including knife tricks and lots of fire! The food was excellent, best food on the island we've had. Over all it was a wonderful evening, an escape from typical island living. Owen really enjoyed driving Soc's car too! Anyway just a couple pictures from the wedding and now (none from our anniversary dinner sorry, our camera is out of commission for now).

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