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Below is my academic schedule and progress (designated by the *). If you have any questions regarding AUC, clinical rotations, medical school in general, or what to do with time off, feel free to send me an e-mail ( and I'll do my best to answer your question.

Basic Sciences (Aug 2010 - Aug 2012)                        Cupecoy, St. Maarten
Molecular and Cellular Biology 1
Anatomy (with cadaver lab)
Molecular and Cellular Biology 2 / Biochemistry
Physiology 1
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2
Pathology 1
Physiology 2
Medical Microbiology
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 3
Behavioral Science 1
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 4
Pathology 2
Behavioral Science 2
Pharmacology 1
Neurological Science
Pharmacology 2
Medical Ethics
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 5
Introduction to Clinical Medicine 6

P.A.S.S. Program (Sep 2012)                                       Champaign, IL
USMLE Prep Course

USMLE - Step 1 (Nov 2, 2012)                                   Glastonbury, CT
score: 190

Core Clinical Rotations (Jan - Nov 2013)                    Ealing Hospital, London, England
Internal Medicine
General Surgery
Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Elective Clinical Rotations (Jan - Nov 2014)
Emergency Medicine Acting Internship                      Upstate University Hospital, NY
Orthopedic Trauma Acting Internship                         Upstate University Hospital, NY
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Acting Internship       Upstate University Hospital, NY
Emergency Medicine                                                   Baton Rouge General Medical Center, LA
Forensic Pathology                                                      Broward County Medical Examiner, FL
In-patient Family Medicine Sub-Internship                 Providence Hospital, MI
Pediatrics Ambulatory Care                                        Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center, NY
Family Medicine                                                        Baton Rouge General Medical Center, LA
Neurology                                                                    Center for Haitian Studies, FL

Electronic Residency Application Service (Sep 15, 2014 - Feb 25, 2015)
programs applied to: 164
interviews: 4

USMLE - Step 2 CK (Oct 3, 2014)                            Worcester, MA
score: 220

USMLE - Step 2 CS (Nov 13, 2014)                           Philadelphia, PA
score: PASS
Official Graduation (Dec 27, 2014)

Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (Mar 16 - 19, 2015)
programs applied to: 45
interviews: 1

Match Day (Mar 20, 2015)

Graduation Ceremony (May 23, 2015)                      Maho, St. Maaten

USMLE - Step 3 (Aug 28 and Sep 4, 2015)            Baton Rouge, LA
score: 209

Electronic Residency Application Service (Sep 15, 2015 - Feb 24, 2016)
programs applied to: 190
interviews: 8

*Match Day (Mar 18, 2016)
LSU New Orleans Rural Family Medicine Program - Bogalusa, Louisiana