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14 October 2011

A little Autumn in the Caribbean

A bit of New England Foliage
Being from New England, it is in my blood to love the fall. The crisp air, apple cider, hayrides, pumpkin picking, mums, and of course the beautiful foliage. This makes it very difficult to be away from New England this time of year. I'll admit I love being able to go to the beach year round, but I miss the fall very much. So to make it feel a little more like fall, I made some delicious pumpkin cookies with a cinnamon and confectioners sugar glaze. They were awesome and gone in 2 days! So those will definitely get made again soon. I've also made a couple batches of chili in the crockpot lately, something about crockpots, chili, and football really helps it feel like fall. I also found some mum like flowers and leaves, so those have spruced up the living room. I have a pumpkin candle burning often now too. All I need is to find a pumpkin! Last year they had them, I haven't seen them yet but I'm keeping a look out and will post a picture when I find one. Though it's just little things and it's still 85* out, I can sometimes trick myself into thinking it's really fall here :)

Aside from trying my best to get a hint of fall on the island, I ran a 5k on the French side a couple weekends ago with some friends. It was a nice run, even the rain at the end, and though I still have a way to go, it was a personal best. Owen didn't run this one, he had run around the lagoon, 13 miles, the day before and wasn't up for another run the next day. He was there to cheer us on and get some pictures. I've had a couple events with the Spouses' Org, including a brunch for everyone. This week a few of us went to Pinel Island on the north side of the island. It's a 5 minute ferry ride to a tiny, beautiful island. We had a very lovely day relaxing, sitting in the pool like water, and feeling like tourists for a bit. Other than that, we haven't been up to much lately. Owen did well on his first set of two sets of exams and currently has his first A in a med school class! We're hoping to go diving in the next couple weeks, the company we dive with was closed for vacation for a while but are open again and we are looking forward to getting beneath the water.

Delicious pumpkin cookies, 3 dozen only last 2 days on an exam weekend
Our group before the 5k

Finishing strong
Spouses Brunch in Porto Cupecoy
The girls at Pinel Island
St Maarten's mountains
Pinel Island

1 comment:

  1. What a nice update from the island Groves. You are making a great start at your Fall displays and food and baking choices Jamie. Dad and I will be bringing you a few Autumn surprises to help keep the great vibe going. We are having a full Fall Dinner for 10 tomorrow here at home with all the fixings so you just know what the house smells like and looks like at # 10 OVL. Susan is taking pictures so we'll send them to share it all with you.

    We're so glad that you are both still enjoying the local marathon events and I'm sure you both can't wait to get back to diving. We'll look for new pictures from "down under" so to speak.

    Congratulations Owen on your recent work. We all here in New England are very proud of you!!!!!!!

    Can't wait to see you all soon!

    Dave and Char