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17 February 2011

Officially a Triathlete

I completed my first triathlon!! There is a company on the island that holds races almost every week and it never costs more than $20 to participate. So I figured now is the best time to try it out. This race (Feb 6) was 3 mini triathlons held in a row. The distances for each event were 200m swim, 7km bike, 2km run. I did the first race and Owen did all three (the equivalent of a sprint triathlon). I had such a great time that I will be traveling to a nearby island in April to do two more. I'll be doing another "try-a-tri" as they call the really mini tri and relaying a medium tri (300m swim, 3km run, a friend will do the 30km bike). Check out the race pictures below. 
Marked for the swim
Other news from the island. Owen did well on his second set of exams on Monday. I'm still tutoring and seeing kids with the neurologist. I've been cooking more lately with great success. We went on a hike Monday after exams were over. It's a really pretty hike right on the water with "mountains" behind, you can see two other islands along the way and you end up at a secluded beach only accessible by the hike. It's nice to experience the beautiful, non tourist sections of the island. Owen is going scuba diving on Saturday to finish his certification. We have our first visitor coming in on Sunday! Alison, my good friend from college, will be here for a week and we have lots of fun things on the agenda. Another post with pictures from her visit will follow. I booked my flights to CT for Michelle and Evan's wedding in July! Not much else to report for now. Enjoy the pictures. Let us know how you all are.

Our swim on the first race. We started out this distance apart and maintained it the whole swim
Owen finishing the bike on his last race
Owen finishing the run, racing the other guy
Finishing my bike
Owen came back out to finish my run with me
After all the races