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27 November 2010

Island Thanksgiving

We celebrated our first island Thanksgiving (and first Thanksgiving outside the states). Owen had class and I tutored, but I was able to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with a friend. The school served Thanksgiving style lunch. We were able to call/video with all of our families back home, some friends in Texas and some in China. It was a very quiet day, but great to catch up with all our loved ones. On Friday I spent the day cleaning, cooking and watching Miracle on 34th Street (the old version on course). That evening we hosted a potluck dinner at our apartment for 11 people. It was a great time. I made my first turkey and it turned out excellent. I also made a spiced apple cider in the crockpot which was also a hit.  Our guests brought really good sides and desserts. Not much else to say, so enjoy the pictures!

Preparing my first turkey!
The finished product. A success! (proof I can cook)
Owen carving the turkey for our guests.
Some lovely sides

More sides and dessert

Finished product

Makeshift dinner tables/seating
Most of our guest, minus the few that left early

22 November 2010


Just a few new pictures for you all to enjoy. These are from some races on the island that Owen has done recently. The first few from a relay triathlon on Nov. 7, Owen did the swim portion, the last is from an island relay on St Martin Day Nov. 11. We should have more pictures of life down here soon. There have been requests for pictures of the school and apartment, so those should be up in the next couple weeks. Also we are hosting a potluck Thanksgiving at our place, on Friday. I'm even cooking a turkey! So I'm sure we'll have pictures from that. Hope everyone is doing well. Enjoy these pictures and check back for new ones soon!

Triathlon Relay Team

All AUC triathlon participants
AUC Spouses (+ students) Island Relay Team