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31 August 2010

Yay Pictures are Uploading!

Sunset a few night before the storm
So we survived our first hurricane. Earl was upgraded to a Category 3 as it passed over us. We braved it out in our apartment which really wasn't that bad. Thankfully we choose to do that as the students who went to the school for shelter we held there until 9am today, long after the storm was over. Apparently the island "enforces" a curfew during hurricanes which was supposed to last until 12pm today but we broke that several times yesterday since we had to internet to know about it. Our water came back on late yesterday afternoon but we are still without power which makes our apartment a bit of a sweatbox so we are again taking advantage of the AC at school on their generators. We are now waiting to see what Tropical Storm Fiona is going to do. Looks like it'll affect us tomorrow afternoon however it will be mostly just rain and wind, nothing major or long lasting. We'll post some pictures from the hurricane and maybe a video if we can in a couple days. For now here's a few from around the island, before the storm.  Don't forget to post your name with your comments if you post under the anonymous/non user posting, thanks!

Mullet Bay Beach- "Our" beach
Another view of our beach
Our beach from outside our apartment complex
View of Phillipsburg
View of Simpson Bay area
Near Orient Bay, most water around the island looks like this
Owen's excellent picture taking skills, overlooking Cupecoy Beach
Another of Owen's pictures, from Maho Beach aka "Airplane Beach" unfortunately we picked a day not many planes were flying so we'll try again

29 August 2010

A Few Pictures

Apparently Owen promised you all that I would post pictures by week's end. But first a quick update on what we've learned living on an island this week.

-power and water tend to go out often; water especially can be out for the whole day

-when driving not only do you have to be careful to watch out for the crazy island driving but also a vast array of wild animals including but not limited to horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats, ferret looking things

-the sun is much stronger down here; we're working on our "tans" aka burns

-hurricane preparedness 101. step 1: stock up on canned food, a camp stove, candles, and 10 gallons of water. step 2: go to the beach and enjoy the awesome waves! Hurricane Earl (Category 1 or 2) is set to hit us tomorrow morning. Track the hurricane here.

That's all I can think of for now, I know I had more but it is escaping me as of now. Orientation for AUC started today. I start tutoring sometime this week after the hurricane. We have internet at home now so we can update more often and start using Skype (OJGrove). So apparently the internet is too slow to upload any pictures right now. Hopefully in a few days we can get it to work. Until then be well and we'll check back in after the hurricane and let you know how we are. 

20 August 2010

We're Here!

Just wanted to let everyone know where here on the island now. We arrived safe and sound along with all of our stuff!! We'll updated again soon. Feel free to email us till then.

17 August 2010

Here We Go

Well now that most of you have our website address, I guess we should start updating. We leave for St Maarten in the morning. Crazy how quickly that came. We're very excited for this new chapter and to see where we will call home for the next 2 years. We'll be out of touch for a while as we work out setting up internet/phones, so check back in a few weeks, we'll try to be more consistent then. Till then we'll miss you and feel free to email or write, we'll respond once we're settled.