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23 January 2013

First trip to the centre!

We finally we able to get out an enjoy London a bit over the weekend. On Saturday we headed to the centre to see the main tourist sights. It was a very cold day, so we eventually ended up in the National Gallery (Owen's favorite) to get warm. We started off heading to Waterloo Station to see the London Eye and the Parliament building with Big Ben. Then we headed to Westminster Abbey, which unfortunately was closed, so inside pictures will have to wait for another trip. After that we headed to Buckingham Palace. It was afternoon, so no changing of the guard ceremony, but we will go back for that (when it's a little warmer!). Then we were so cold we headed to the National Gallery for a bit and met up with some friends from the island who are studying at Wexham Park, north of us. We walked around the gallery and then around the town a bit. We eventually split off to head back and walked through the main shopping street, which had countless stores, mostly high end stuff, including a 2 story Apple store. It was cool to walk around there at night, with all the lights on the buildings (see pictures below).

Overall it was a pretty fun day, though we could have done with a few degrees warmer. We definitely look forward to many more trips and exploring more of the city, not just the tourist sights. So for now enjoy a few pictures from our day. There will definitely be many more to come when the weather is warm enough to take pictures without my fingers freezing :)

(sorry these are pixilated, I think it is our internet)
London Eye

Parliament and Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace


National Gallery

Shopping Area
Ealing Hospital

18 January 2013

Ealing, London!

We are both here in Ealing now! After a slight delay due to Owen's student visa taking longer than expected, he was able to join me and make it in time to start "classes." We also just found a flat after a week and a half of looking. We should be moved in next week and will post pictures then. For now we are staying at the hospital accommodations (available for single students only). This week has been pretty relaxed at the hospital as it is a lot of orientation type stuff, but Owen is really looking forward to things picking up a bit. We hope to head downtown to London tomorrow, provided it's a little warmer than today, or at least not snowing! Today we're expecting 10cm of snow! I have few pictures to post of the snow today (the first is of the hospital, the rest around the town, I can't add captions from my blogger app), unfortunately that is all I have to post. We've been so busy with flat searching that I haven't taken many pictures yet, that and it's so cold my fingers will freeze if I use the camera. So I promise more pictures to come once we're moved in and from London if we get there tomorrow. Anyway sorry for a short post, but I only have internet at cafes for now, so more posts and pictures will come soon. Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for following our adventures!

06 January 2013

Winter in Connecticut

Well this is our last post from the States. We leave for England on January 8. It's been a great few months back with family and friends. Here's what our Christmas season looked like. First was Christmas in the Valley at our church. I was asked to coordinate the volunteers for the event. This is a 3 night event with 400+ guests each night. I've been working the behind the scenes in the kitchen since I was 12, so it was great to have such a prominent role. It was a lot of fun and everything went really well.

After our trip to Michigan, we drove through the night to get back to Connecticut for Christmas tree hunting. My brother, his girlfriend, and our best friends (Evan & Michelle Brunetti) all went out to a Christmas tree farm and cut down trees for our houses. We used to do this ever year with the Brunettis, so it was a lot of fun to have the chance to do this again. The decorating was also up to us. My brother and his girlfriend did the lights on the tree, we did the garland, and put up all our ornaments. It's always fun to go through the ornaments and memories.

Some other highlights from Christmas, include seeing the Bright Lights show in Springfield, MA. It was a huge drive through light show.  Lots of baking (80+ sugar cookies, red velvet cake, coconut-lime cupcakes, etc). Christmas eve with the Brunettis. A white Christmas morning! We also saw A Christmas Carol at the Hartford Stage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, what a great show! Owen hiked Mount Washington in New Hampshire with a friend (will post pictures when we get some). And Owen's little sisters (Tore & Virginia you're famous ;) ) visited for a few days just after Christmas. He took his youngest sister on an overnight backpacking trip in the snow and we all went to Boston one day.

It's been a great time back in the states for these few months. Thanks to everyone who hosted us, made time to visit, and provided a great time for us. We will miss everyone but are looking forward to the next chapter and all that London has to offer. Stay tuned for the London adventures!

For more pictures, visit our Picasa album Stateside

First Snow
Christmas in the Valley

Christmas trees with family & friends
My best friend
My brother and his girlfriend

The finished product
Bright Lights Springfield, MA

The Griswold House (video on the picasa link)
Christmas eve and nurf guns
White Christmas!
Trans Siberian Orchestra

Huge tree in Boston
For Tore Dowling....hope this makes you famous ;)
Heading out for backpacking