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01 December 2015

Southern Living

Anniversary dinner
Fall in Louisiana is basically just a continuation of summer. The only real difference is every weekend becomes all about football, especially living right near LSU. We did go tailgating once just to experience it, it is definitely a spectacle. We met some great friends at church and started watching football with them most weekends. We also had the opportunity to go to an LSU game and a New Orleans Saints game! While neither of us really care that much about football, it was always fun to watch a game and hang out with friends.

We both continued to stay busy with jobs. Owen also picked up volunteering at a free clinic on Tuesday nights. I continued with soccer through the fall, even coaching with a broken toe and foot in a boot! As soccer began to wrap up, I went full time with my health coach job. I also had the great opportunity to help our team develop a new weight loss program and be the health coach for the pilot study during the fall and holiday season. It's a really exciting program and I've really enjoyed being a part of it.

 We also continued to do long bike rides with Clint, hang out with friends, see one of Al's games in New Orleans, and enjoyed decorating fall, since there's not really any foliage here. We celebrated our anniversary. Went trick or treating with some friends and their kids,  had a med school friend visit during residency interview season, and enjoyed being outside in the "milder" weather as much as possible. The pictures from these highlights are below, as well as a little tour of our home this year. Enjoy!
Woman's Center for Wellness - Jamie's job
Year end wrap up for soccer, coaches did a silly little dance
The soccer kids got to help at an LSU game
Some pretty sweet storm clouds down here
With Allison and Barron at an LSU football game
LSU football stadium
Our home

St Maarten sand and treasures (lots more throughout the house)

The only fall foliage I could find

At least inside our home was some fall foliage :)

Scenes from bike rides

Owen has been doing lots of climbing

Trick or Treating
LSU band at the tailgating
LSU football stadium at night
Cayleigh stopped by to visit after an interview in New Orleans
Hawks #15 Al Horford playing the New Orleans Pelicans
Superdome for the New Orleans Saints game
Great seats