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23 June 2015

Hi all, Owen here. With the "medical school adventure" ending with our recent trip to St. Maarten for the graduation ceremony, we are preparing for the next part of our journey. We are just about settled in at our new place in Baton Rouge, LA. I want to use this post for several thank you's. First, to all of our friends who reside on the island, who always made us feel at home by including us in their lives. Second, to our family and friends who visited and sent care packages wherever we where in the world. Finally, a special thanks to all those who provided hospitality along the way. I included their names and locations to show all who have blessed us along the way.

Dave & Charlotte Landgren - Unionville, CT
Mark & Chila Grove - Lansing, MI
Clark family - Homer, MI
Tony Dowling - Okemos, MI
Cornford family - London, UK
Jake & Sydney Grove - Englewood, CO
Griffin family - Knoxville, TN
Baron & Allison Eskind - Baton Rouge, LA
Amoroso family - Baton Rouge, LA
Alaina Cormier - Margate, FL
Camtu Nguyen - Bronx, NY
Jason & Cayleigh Blumrick - Miami, FL
Dunlop family - Tully, NY
Earhart family - West Bloomfield, MI

This is only a small portion of the full list of people, and ways, we have been blessed. Thank you so much to everyone. Those who we do not live near, we look forward to seeing again. I'm not sure how all this blog stuff works, but I know Jamie will be posting pictures from St. Maarten...once she has sorted through all 2,000+!

Run the race!
(Phil 3:12-14)

22 June 2015

The never ending winter

This winter was one of the longest, coldest, snowiest winters in a very long time and we had the pleasure (read misery) of experiencing it. However even in the midst of all the snow, we tried to find some fun. As you saw in the last post, we did make it up to New Hampshire for a weekend of winter fun. However, we also managed to find some fun throughout the rest of the winter.

We made a quick trip up to Boston to see a Hawks/Celtics game, courtesy of Owen's step-cousin Al Horford of the Hawks. Before the game we went to Wahlburgers for dinner, which was awesome!! We also stopped by Mike's Pastry of course! The game was fun, unfortunately Al was resting up for the next game so we didn't see him play, but the Hawks still won.

We had tons and tons of snow. More snow than I ever remember, so I made sure to take some pictures of course ;) We had lots of fires, movie nights, shoveling snow, baking, and Owen's practiced his archery quite a bit. Owen also took up pond hockey with guys from church, which I joined them for one night, it's a lot of fun and he really enjoyed it! We also celebrated Gabby's 2nd birthday, I made a little cake for her again and she loved sampling the frosting as I decorated :) We went to a play in Thomaston, Arsenic and Old Lace. And of course we have been helping out at the church kitchen a lot, including a few big events (WOW missions dinner and a Passover Seder).

So here are just a few highlights from our winter in New England and how we've kept busy. We've also been subbing at the local schools to pass the time and save for St Maarten and moving. As I finally get to writing this post, thank goodness the snow is finally melting and the temperatures are warming!

Wahlburgers, awesome food!!

Hawks/Celtics game at the Garden
Thanks Al! Great to see you!
Early in the snow season

Piles are getting high! Tougher to toss the snow while shoveling
Owen built a snow fort and eventually tunneled through
Serious ice (the ice dams were at least double this a couple weeks later)
The chairs fully disappeared under the snow before the end of the snow season
Highest I've ever seen the snow piles on the pod
Valentine's Baking
Owen's archery
Night pond hockey

Thomaston Opera House
WOW women's missions dinner at Valley