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18 April 2011

Daily Life

"Front" of AUC
I've been promising pictures of our apartment and AUC for a long time now. The AUC pictures are all from Christmas time, though the only thing that gives that away is the tree in the rotunda. I finally took some pictures of our apartment so I can share them with you (sorry they're a little dark, lighting in here can be tricky). It's not very big but we've tried to make it cozy and welcoming. Of course putting these up doesn't mean you don't have to come visit now ;) 

We have been staying busy lately, Owen's semester has been winding down and he's been studying a lot. They have the last set of exams and then finals within a week of each other so it's a lot of work to end the semester. I have been busy reorganizing the spouses group as the new VP and making sure we start off strong. I'm excited for the changes we're making and think it will be a great semester. I also recently attended a conference on Autism and Learning Disabilities in Young Children. It was hosted at the local university (St Martin, not AUC) and there were visitors from nearby islands attending as well. It was a very interesting day and a great chance to learn about the resources and needs for children in this country. I also was able to do some networking and am hoping to have some great opportunities come out of it. 

Anyway Owen is in the middle of finals as I write this, he will be on vacation by 4pm tonight! We'll be staying on island for the two week break, doing some snorkeling, exploring, diving (Owen), and hopefully a little getaway to a neighboring island or two. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun things to tell about after the break as well as an update from Owen now that he'll actually have a little time to write on here. We hope you are all doing well, keep in touch!
View of the Lagoon from AUC
Rotunda (at Christmas)
Owen's classroom
The real front of AUC, this is what we see when entering
Our Apartment Building (32 apts)
The door to our apartment, the laundry room is just around the corner
Our amazing car
From our front door, all 495sq ft of it
Living "room"
little bathroom but huge shower
Bedroom with balcony  
Another view of the bedroom