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01 May 2016

Springtime in South Louisiana

These are the last of the highlights from the springtime in Baton Rouge. This catches me up to about May 2016, which I will get to posting soon. We got to visit with some friends and we had some family come to visit us! We did the St Patrick's Day parade in Baton Rouge. Went to a country trivia night at Owen's work. Went to Abita Springs to tour the brewery. Enjoyed the beautiful weather and sightseeing in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Had several crawfish boils. Did lots and lots of cycling, including a 100 mile ride!! We made sure to find time for lots of fun activities during our days off from work, knowing that once residency was to start in the summer, free time would be very limited. Here are some photos of our springtime adventures in south Louisiana!
Visit with Alie and Sean during Owen's interview in Shreveport

Lots and lots of cycling with Clint!
Houma House in the back
100 mile ride!! No pictures, severe sunburn, but we did it!
Sunny days in Baton Rouge
Old Capital Building in BR

Abita Brewhouse

Spring rains (not the ones that caused the serious flooding this summer), Owen rode his bike through the flooded path

St Patrick's Day celebrations
Trivia night fundraiser at Owen's work, country themed!

Mark came to visit, so of course we had to have some crawfish!
Riding on the levee
Perfect day in New Orleans

Tore and Tony came to visit!

Swamp tour (I had to work, but Owen, Tore and Tony had a great time and saw this huge alligator!)
Owen and Tore climbing at the park down the street
just one of the many crawfish boils we went good!