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12 June 2012

The beginning of the end

I've been falling behind on posts lately. As our time is beginning to wrap up here, I find less time to catch up on this blog. So here's a little update from the last month and what we've been up to.

  •  Sary visited, with some of her friends for a week, which was a lot of fun
  • Owen is already into his second block of his last semester
  • He got an 84 on his Pharmacology block 1 exam
  • I have 2 weeks left of my Mental Health Law class
  • We still do the radio, though the schedule varies as Owen's class schedule is always changing
  • We did the Boardwalk Triathlon again (last weekend); Owen did the Sprint with me the whole way, which made it much more fun
  • I got a huge jellyfish sting during the Tri, as you'll see in the pictures below
  • My last day of tutoring was last week
  • We've been helping at Octopus Diving while they were between dive instructors. It's nice to help on the boat and get to dive a little more too (look for another post soon with the latest dive pictures)
  • It's officially hurricane season, though nothing to worry about for another couple months hopefully. It has definitely gotten hotter though!
  • Owen is doing an off-road triathlon this weekend
  • I'll be in Connecticut June 27-July 18 while Owen is studying for his big exams here (comps)
  • We'll be back for the fall, beginning sometime in August/September
So that's the rundown of what's been going on around here lately. It's hard to believe we only have another 2 1/2 months here. How did 2 years go by that fast? We're making the most of the time we have left here, as we will definitely miss it but we are looking forward to some time at home then a new adventure in England! So enjoy a few pictures, I'll try to update with pictures more often over our last months here. Hope everyone is doing well!

Sary and me at Mullet Bay Beach!

Who wouldn't miss having this as their backyard??

At the station with Soc

Jellyfish sting day 1
Jellyfish sting day 3