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22 January 2011

Christmas in the Caribbean (and CT)

Just a few pictures for now. Above is after the Full Moon Run. Owen did the 10K and I did my first 5K. Below are some of the island at Christmas followed by our break in Connecticut. Monday is the first set of exams for the semester so Owen is studying all weekend. I volunteered with the neurologist finally. It went really well and I am very excited to continue helping out. We went to a party at my boss's (tutoring) house on the other side of the island. It is really nice to get out of the school area and really know some locals. We saw her and her fiance at the race last night which was nice. All in all we're pretty settled into life here now and things are going well. Check back for apartment and school pictures I've been promising, I've almost got the apartment decorated now with the stuff we bought in the states. Hope everyone is doing well!
Christmas Party at Porto Cupecoy
Porto Cupecoy's lights

End of semester spouses night out (borrowed from a friend)
The Landgren's Christmas Tree
Snow Storm the day after Christmas 10"
Front of the house with lights and snow
Burying Jared's car 
The day after