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01 August 2015

Last few weeks in Connecticut

After our truly wonderful trip to St Maarten for graduation, we headed back to Connecticut for a couple of weeks to wrap up everything before moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We had a little graduation/going away cookout with our family, neighbors, and friends in Connecticut who were not able to come to St Maarten. We spent a little time at the lake house and even water skied in the cold water one last time. Hung out with friends and family. And for the first time in 5 years, packed up all our stuff to actually bring with us! It was a bittersweet, whirlwind of a time. We are thankful to have had the spring in Connecticut and time to really spend with family and friends there, before leaving again. Here are some pictures from the last bit of our time living in Connecticut (before and after St Maarten).

Portland Head Light, Maine (weekend getaway post-match 2015)

My good friend Sarah Bouckoms cutting the dreads for charity
A little home surgery
Easter egg decorating with my loves
Disc golf in May with snow/hail
New road bike!
Aquarium day
Last days at the lake

Kenny Chesney concert

Valley Kitchen crew
Dr. Grove cake (my first themed cake)

On last backpacking trip