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21 August 2014

July at the Lake!

We spent most of July at my family's lake house in Holland, Massachusetts. It was so nice to be home during the summer and have the chance to spend a few weeks at the lake. Even though Owen was studying for the month, it was so relaxing to be by the water, kayak daily, lots of fishing, and enjoy some space to ourselves! On the weekends, my parent came up to visit, boat, and grill out. We watched fireworks over the lake on 4th of July, had the Brunetti's visit, the Allen's visit, my brother came up, my childhood friend Matt from across the cove came up, and we had dinner with some of the neighbors. I tried waterskiing again for the first time in years and actually got up for the first time ever on the adult size skis! We saw the largest moon ever one night, and the most amazing sunset another. It was a really great time at the lake, thanks again to my parents for letting us enjoy it for the few weeks! 

While in the area, I also managed a trip to Boston to visit with Alison while she was in town for a wedding. It's nice to visit the city in the summer, even though it's hot, it's so much nicer than all the winter months and wind that I usually see it in. We had lunch in the park, wandered around a bit, had lunch at the Top of the Hub at the Prudential, and stopped by Mike's Pastries for cannolis of course! It was a great day in the city! Another day while in Farmington, I was able to meet up Sarah Bouckoms for lunch before she headed out to New Zealand for a visit. Always love seeing her and look forward to hanging out again this fall when we're in both in Farmington again. We also went to a bull riding event with the Hanrahan's bulls, which was a cool experience, and a beautiful summer night in northwest Connecticut. We also enjoyed some dinners with the Brunetti's and Hanrahan's before leaving again, it's always great to see everyone! Although short, it was a great few weeks back in the Connecticut/Massachusetts area. Thanks family and friends for the fun times! Look forward to more this fall! 

The lake house

4th of July Fireworks
Owen's best catch
Boating on the lake, Hamilton Reservoir
Brunetti's come up to visit, taking Gabby on the boat

Love my little niece Gabby!
Owen and Jared fishing
Boating with the Allen boys
Post my first successful  time waterskiing!
First time up on the adult skis!
So nice to see all the water sports stuff out and being used
S'mores by the water

Absolutely stunning sunset!! No adjustments on the photos, true colors!

After lunch with Sarah Bouckoms!
Summertime in Boston
Swan boats in Boston

Make Way for Ducklings

View from Top of the Hub at the Pru
No trip to Boston is complete without these!
Let R Buck and Hanrahan's Sevens bull riding event

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