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07 August 2014

Birthday in South Carolina

On our drive back from Florida to Connecticut, we decided to stop in South Carolina for a day to visit my Dad's cousins. It also worked out well because it happened to be my birthday, so I was able to have a really fun day instead of just sitting/driving all day! We hadn't seen Kathie and Wallace in almost 5 years, so we really wanted to make sure to get a full day in with them. We arrived late Sunday evening and went over to say hello for a bit and grab some dinner at fish camp, then had the full day Monday (my birthday!) to enjoy their company before leaving early Tuesday to get home. We went for a boat ride around Lake Wylie (where they live) then headed out to the farm for some shooting, four wheeling, blackberry picking, and grilling! Have I said before how much we love the south?? It was a great way to spend my 29th birthday and we were so thankful to get the time with Kathie and Wallace. Thanks again to them for showing us a fun day! Hope to see you again soon and not let another 5 years go by!

**As a side note....don't shoot prone in South Carolina...Owen got chiggers that are just now going away after a month!!

Kathie and Wallace's house on Lake Wylie
Birthday Boating

The cabin at the farm
Four wheeling, looking for blackberries
Shooting at the farm

Wallace watching Owen's shot through his scope

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