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16 September 2013

Landgren's visit the UK!

Where to even begin! It was a fun and busy 3 weeks with my parents visiting. We went to so many different places and toured around a lot of the UK. Even when we were back in London from our outings, we were busy touring around central London and seeing the sights. There are way too many pictures to load so I'll do my best to pick a few good ones from the weeks to share. I think the best way to write about their trip is to do a few posts. So this one will cover all the things we did around the London area, then I'll write up our week in Scotland, then our long weekend in Cornwall and our stop in Dover.

Nearly the whole time my parents were here, the weather was just perfect. Mostly warm days, without being too hot, and hardly any rain. We couldn't have asked for better weather really. The first couple days my parents were here we took it easy and got ready to head up to Scotland for the week. We spent Saturday relaxing around Ealing and letting them adjust to the jetlag. On Sunday we spent the afternoon at Richmond Park. Then we drove up to Scotland for the week (next post), stopping at Chatsworth house on the way.

After Scotland we had about 5 days to use for visiting the London sights. We also of course walked around Ealing and showed them the hospital. Here's what we saw in London those 5 days (broken up a bit with Cornwall in between):
-Westminster Abbey (definitely worth a visit)
-Trafalgar Square
-Parliament and the Eye (views from Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge)
-Tower of London and Tower Bridge
-Afternoon Tea at the Swan at Shakespeare's Globe
-British Museum
-Shopping at Leicester Square, Picadilly Circus, Regent Street, and Oxford Street
-Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and Palace
-last night with a steak dinner and seeing the city at night all lit up
-a lot of wandering around and seeing the city in general

Tower of London

Buckingham Palace

Afternoon Tea at Shakespeare's Globe

Trafalgar Square
British Museum

Kensington Palace

Love the city at night :)
Chatsworth House

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