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18 July 2013

More visitors - Virginia, Victoria, & Tony!

Just a few days after Tim, Stacey, and Seth left we had our next round of visitors! Owen's little sisters, Virginia and Victoria, and Tony came to visit us for a week. This was such an awesome opportunity for them to see London while we live here, especially since they love all things British right now. We had a great time doing some touristy things that we had been saving until their visit. 
The first few nights they stayed right by the London Eye with an amazing view of Parliament. I guess it made up for not having luggage the first few days ;) After that they switched to a different hotel, still centrally located. Unfortunately the weather was still quite cold and a little rainy, it only started to get nice on the last day (which thankfully has continued the last several weeks!) Either way we had a great time with them doing lots of exploring and finding new activities even for us (see highlights below). It was really great to have them here and show them this part of our lives. They had a really great time and really enjoyed the British experience. It's always great to have family and friends visit, especially when we're so far away. It'll be a great memory for all of us to share for years to come. 

Thanks Virginia, Victoria, and Tony for visiting!!

-Exploring London and seeing the sights
-Seeing the city at night (we haven't had the chance yet, since it's light so late right now)
-Ride in the London Eye, definitely worth it!! (maybe at night next time)
-The girls and Tony went to Harry Potter world (we skipped this to keep caught up on our own stuff)
-Cardiff, Wales for the Doctor Who Museum
-Windsor Castle and trying to make the guard laugh
-Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel (also worth it!)
-The Tower of London
-Owen and I taking the girls for a walk along the river one evening, eating roasted/sugared peanuts and just hanging out

Tourist pictures!

Definitely worth it!

London Eye!

Doctor Who Museum

Inside the Tardis

Cardiff, Wales

Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea

Windsor Castle
Tower of London with Tower Bridge

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