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04 September 2012

Last Dive Trip

Well the last couple of weeks on St Maarten flew by. Luckily I did get a chance to go diving one last time with Octopus Diving! Unfortunately we were not able to get a cool, deep dive in before we left as the owners left for vacation just before us leaving. But I did get to go on one last dive trip a couple days before flying back (unfortunately Owen wasn't able to go), and I actually got to go to a new site! Diving new sites gets hard to do the more you dive :) It was really rough seas, as Isaac was coming our way just a few days later. We dove at Japanese Gardens and Tug Boat off Titamarre. Even though seas were rough, the dives were still pretty good. Here are a couple pictures (more here) from the dives, I tried to get some pictures while also just enjoying being under the water one more time, though hopefully will only be a short absence from diving.

Huge Stingray!

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