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19 August 2012

Doctor Soc

Doctor Soc
Well after a year of joking around with Soc about getting him a honorary doctorate from AUC, we finally pulled it off (sort of). We arranged for a white coat with his name and the AUC logo to be delivered to us via a visitor. I created a honorary doctorate certificate and found a great frame for it. We even got the one of the deans to sign the certificate and come to the radio station with us to present it. It was a total surprise to him (he definitely thought we wouldn't pull it off) and it was great. We had so much fun seeing his surprise and excitement. We have had a great time getting to know Soc this last year+ and hope to call into the show sometimes. Here's some pictures from the presentation.Thanks for some great times Soc!

What it looked like (before signed)

Presenting the white coat

Pretty sure he thought he was just getting a white coat
The Dean presenting the honorary doctorate

Definitely surprised and excited

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