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01 June 2011

Boux Visits the Island!!

Pina Coladas at 10am!
We had our second visitor two weeks ago! My very dear friend Sarah Bouckoms stopped in St Maarten on a cruise with her family. I picked up her and her mom in the morning and brought them to our side of the island. We spent a little bit of time at the Sunset Beach Bar watching the planes come in (and drinking pina coladas at 10am!). After that, I brought them back to our apartment to meet up with Owen for a little bit and show them around where we live and the school. It was nice to share that with someone from back home.

After spending the morning in the Cupecoy area seeing "real" island life, we headed back to Philipsburg for the touristy stuff. We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, The Greenhouse. Then we did a little shopping on Front Street. All too quickly the day was over and we headed back to the ship dock. Sarah ran back on the boat to get me a Starbucks before they left! It was sooooo good! Overall it was a GREAT day! It was so so so nice to spend time with Sarah and her mom. I love the type of friendship that you can live on the other side of the world from the person for more than a year and pick right back up where you left off. Thank you Sarah for planning your cruise to stop here, can't wait to see you in CT in July. Next time we'll come to New Zealand!

Allure of the Seas, massive ship, dwarfs all the others!
Old Front Street
Sarah and her mom in front of AUC

Yay for Starbucks!

Sarah with her mom and brother
Yay for good friends!


  1. YEAH FOR HAVING GOOD FRIENDS WHO LIVE ON TROPICAL ISLANDS! It totally was a wicked awesome day, best island of the whole cruise. Oh man Pina Colada at 10 am, what a life! Thanks again for the locals tour. And yes you are right, I will see you and Owen in New Zealand so I can return the favor, but see you in July first.

  2. And back in CT it's wonderful to send a shout-out to Sarah from all of Jamie's family who remember you so well. It's great to see pictures of you and your family Sarah and we're so glad that you and Jamie and Owen keep your "World Tour Friendship" going through the years. We look forward to their trip to see you in New Zealand so we can see the pics!! We send love and hope we get to see you in July too.

    Jamie and Owen, great pictures from Saba. The camera is doing a great job and we really enjoy seeing all the outdoor stuff you are doing. Dad is having trouble with the "hiking" all over islands and back and forth from airports etc. What, don't they have taxis??? We hope you are able to take the glass classes and keep up the diving opportunities.

    With love,
    all of us