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01 September 2010


So now that you all have seen the island before the hurricane, I'm going to show some during and post hurricane pictures. First some updates.

-Working on day 3+ without power. Not expected to get it back until Thursday night at the earliest since we are last priority on the island and TS Fiona is hindering repair

-No power isn't so bad until you try to sleep when it's a very stagnant night with temps in the mid-80's and mosquitos biting all night (apparently they don't believe in screens here)

This is what we do during a hurricane

-Having only cold water to shower in has never felt so good!

-Tropical Depression Nine (unnamed storm as of now) is developing for next week, yay for hurricane season heating up!

-We've learned to no longer keep refrigerated or frozen stuff around during hurricane season since it's basically throwing away money

-Owen started classes today, things are a bit disorganized still, but so far so good

-I'm taking advantage of the AC at school and spending the day here. Tutoring starts tomorrow when area schools reopen

Other than that things are good. We're looking forward to getting back to the beach when the storms clear up and the water isn't so rough for swimming. Cleanup around the area has begun and once power is back things should be back to normal. We're pretty well settled and adjusted at this point, just need to work on making the apartment look more inviting instead of all white. That's all for now, we'll update again when we have more exciting things to post. I'll try posting videos another day. So onto pictures, enjoy!

Our beach during the hurricane (2 below as well)
20' waves, spilling onto the golf course
Owen balancing himself against the strong winds
Golf Course by the beach
Golf course on left, our beach on right 
The next day, our parking lot
Our street
Golf Course
Our beach back to normal color but still stronger waves than usual


  1. Hi guys.
    What timing! To have just posted your before photos and then immediately follow up with the storm shots. It is great to be able to visualize now the area that you are in, what "our beach" looks like, and to read all about life on an island, with or without power. From the looks of it Owen is enjoying the experience of a hurricane. The water color pre-storm is just beautiful and the snorkeling looks to be very clear and perhaps more interesting post-storm depending on what has shifted below the surf.

    Best wishes as you both officially begin your work ( the other reason you are down there : > ). We'll look forward to your next postings.

  2. Hey guys! We are here celebrating Aidan's birthday, so we thought we would visit your blog! We love the pictures, can't believe the crazy wind. Glad to see you have survived the storm. This weekend we have amazing weather with 70-80 degree weather, hopefully you guys will find that great weather soon! Good luck with school Owen, and good luck Jamie with tutoring! Love and misses :) Brunetti Family!!!!