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22 August 2016

Louisiana Floods

I realize that I am very much behind on our blog and pictures. I will work on a few updates to cover the last 6 months soon. However, in the meantime, I wanted to address the historic and catastrophic flooding in south central Louisiana last week. As you know, we have lived in Louisiana just over a year. We have come to love our adopted home state. While we have recently moved to Bogalusa, we called Baton Rouge home for the last year. Fortunately most of our friends remained dry in the floods, but a few friends and former coworkers have lost their homes, cars, etc. Bogalusa was also spared of most flooding this time, though they were hit hard back in March. It is devastating and heartbreaking, but there are many examples of how the Lord in moving in Baton Rouge right now. Just one month ago the area was full of tensions following the police shootings, today people are coming together to help each other, no matter their differences.

If you are looking for a way to serve or contribute to the Louisiana flood relief efforts, please consider Samaritan's Purse. Owen and I served with them in Monroe, and I will be serving with them again over the coming weeks in Baton Rouge. Not only do they provide physical clean up from disaster, but spiritual support to homeowners. This is a tangible way to be the hands and feet of Christ to the community during a great time of need and grief.

Here are just a few pictures and links gathered from various Facebook and News pages to show the magnitude of the flooding (none of these are my photos, tried to credit where possible, many shared from numerous people on Facebook). Conservative numbers suggest 40,000 homes damaged in the floods. This will be a marathon recovery, not a sprint. Please continue praying for Louisiana, our loved and "adopted" home state. Probably the best compilation video of the flooding.

 (photo from The Advocate

The park down the street from where we lived, about 1 mile from our BR house (no flooding at the house)

A personal favorite
(AP Photo/Max Becherer) Perfect photo to represent summer 2016 in Baton Rouge
Denham Springs
Woman's Hospital (I worked at this location 1 day a week)

Cajun Navy heading in to help with rescue efforts
(Shared FB photo from Casey Parker)

(Shared on FB by Nicholas Persac)


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