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12 July 2015

Family Graduation Vacation!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we were blessed to have so many family members from both sides make the trip to St Maarten to celebrate Owen's graduation. We had a great time sharing our island life with family, some of whom had been before and others this was their first visit. While my parents were there for 2 weeks, everyone else was there for a long weekend. We fit a lot of fun into just a few short days!! We were able to do lots of things all together, as well as some individual vacation/down time. It seemed that everyone had a great time and we were so thankful to have everyone there!

  • Private Scuba Diving trip (thanks Octopus!)
  • Hikes up to the top of Pic Paradis
  • Watching planes 
  • Jet blasted by KLM's 747
  • Exploring Belle Creole (abandoned resort)
  • Mountain biking (thanks TriSport!)
  • Beach time & boat drinks
  • Several family dinners (Thai Savanh, Lolo's, Boat House, Karakters)
  • Plenty of Carousel (gelato!!)

A huge thank you to David, Charlotte, Jared, Mark, Lydia, Christian, Tony, and Becky for making the trip to our island home and celebrating with us!!!  Plenty more photos from your visit and dive trip!!!  Look for more generic island pictures from our vacation soon! Enjoy!

We also want to say a very special CONGRATULATIONS to Lydia and Christian on your engagement in St Maarten!!! We are so happy for you both! How exciting that St Maarten will now always hold a special place in your hearts as well. Can't wait for the wedding!
These goofs got engaged the night before!! but didn't tell us until after they left! 
So awesome to have my bro on island!!
Pic Paradis
At Karakters Beach Bar, yes that pink boat drink was Jared's :)
Jared and me
Lydia and Christian
Me and Lydia
Mark and Owen
Mark and Owen mountain biked with the TriSport group (they're in the back in yellow and blue)
Exploring Belle Creole (I borrowed these ;) from Lyd and Christian)
Jared, me, and Christian waiting to get jet blasted by KLM
Boat drinks

Do they ever take normal photos??
Our "backyard" Mullet Bay

Owen and Mark at Pic Paradis

Visit to the radio
Early 30th birthday dinner, I even got to pick my own lobster!

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