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28 February 2015

Multiple Christmases 2014

As usual, I am a bit behind on blogging ;) So in the interest of time and catching up, here's a overview post from our Christmas season with picture highlights. We spent the first part of December in Connecticut, with a trip up to Syracuse for an interview. I surprised Owen with an early Christmas gift, tickets to see The Piano Guys, who were just as amazing to see in person as on their videos! Then we headed out to Michigan for another interview and Christmas with Owen's family. We had a great time seeing everyone, it was especially nice that his sisters were on school break, so lots of extra time with them. We got to see his Grandparents on his Mom's side and some of his cousins. We also were able to make a trip up north in Michigan to see his Grandpa on his Dad's side. We also met Todd's son and his wife. And we got a chance to see Tim and Stacey a couple times and their adorable little ones. We had a few different Christmas celebrations with all of Owen's family, even skyping in with his brother and sister-in-law in California, each were a lot of fun. We even had a little dusting of snow for Christmas! After New Years, we headed back to Connecticut and celebrated another Christmas, this time with my family, and we even got snow for that "Christmas Day." It was a great Christmas season and we are so thankful we were able to celebrate with everyone on both sides this year, thank you all for making it a great Christmas! Here are a couple pictures, additional pictures are at Christmas 2014.

Owen's 2014 ornament to commemorate med school graduation!!
The Piano Guys
Crazy Christmas light show in nearby neighborhood
The aftermath of Christmas #1
Christmas morning, #2
School vacation = fun times!
3 generations of Grove men

New Years
Splitting wood
2014 ornaments
White Christmas for #4
It's not Christmas without the Red Cake....
.....and some fire!

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