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03 December 2011


Cranberry Orange Glaze
We had a pretty good Thanksgiving here on the island. We watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with some friends, I drank some Thanksgiving blend Starbucks courtesy of my parents, and I watched the old Miracle on 34th Street, then we went to dinner with Soc. We had a really nice dinner with him and some other island friends and lots of other great people. The other couple in the first picture owns the dive shop that we go through, it was really nice to get to know them a little better. The next group of pictures are from the Spouses Org Thanksgiving Potluck. I made one of the turkeys, with a cranberry orange glaze that was a hit! The decorations and food really made it feel like Thanksgiving. So while it's hard to be away from home during the holidays, we tried our best to make it feel like home. I'll be posting some Christmas pictures soon, of the decorations in our apartment and the island style decorations and lights, so look for that soon!

Dinner with Soc. Sally and Chris from Octopus Diving were there too!
Spouses Org Thanksgiving Potluck

The boys playing before dinner

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