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07 July 2011

Owen's Advanced Dives

Heading down to Fushang Wreck at 110ft!
A few weekends ago, Owen went for his Advanced Open Water Certification. Two of Owen's friends did the course with him. They did a search and recovery dive, an underwater navigation dive, and 2 wreck dives. One wreck at 60ft and the other at 110ft! His next goal is to get rescue diver certification. Michelle de Villiers from Octopus Diving took these pictures during their dives (Owen has the gray sleeves). I love how blue it is at depth compared to the pictures from my dive, however Owen may be the only one in our family to see those depths! 

Hey Owen!
Owen and Eero by the prop
Lots more fish and cool stuff on the wreck

Inside a wreck, tight spaces!

Being goofy at Gregory Wreck
The Guys

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