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21 March 2011

Life on an Island

Another update with mostly pictures (since I know that's what people are most interested in). But first things going on down here. Owen had another set of exams, he now has 2 left in 4 weeks and then a 2 week break (yay!!). He just started Introduction to Clinical Medicince, which focuses on patient interviewing and histories. I continue to tutor and will be Vice President on the board for the spouses group for the next couple semesters. We will be staying here over the April break and hopefully doing some island hopping. We also are officially going to South Africa over the August break for a medical missions trip, details to follow soon in a post from Owen. That's about all that's happening here. Onto the fun part, pictures!

from the regatta, notice the Heineken bottle

The first handful are from our favorite hike on the island, really one of the only hikes there are. It follows the coast line on the northwestern side of the island and brings you to a secluded beach, Petite Caye, only accessible from the hike. The next bunch are from the 31st Heineken Regatta, held the first weekend of March. We went to a nearby beach to watch the boats pass. The last are from a sunset recently, we often get beautiful sunsets from that beach. So over all, life on an island isn't too bad. We get to enjoy all the beautiful scenery and experiences. 

Titamare in the background, an island of St Martin
most of the hike is on coral, this is the only dirt section
The secluded beach
Cool piece of drift wood (and us)
Cacti on the hike, it's very arid on that side of the island
Cotton grows all over the island too
View from our apartment building
Airplane coming in for landing, just over the boats

Spinnaker (a sail boat with the this style front sail)
the beach/cliffs we watched from

Saba in the background

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful photos of everything and the sailing shots and sunsets were beautiful. The camera you are using is doing very well at recording the colors of life on an island. It certainly seems you both keep very busy with all that life has to offer down there.
    We know how much you wanted to do the medical mission trip so it's great that it worked out. The stories and pics from that trip ought to be quite something too!

    Keep posting all your stories and news as well as it is just as interesting to read things from both your point's of view and senses of humor. They would be missed as are you both.