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31 October 2010

Halloween with Hurricane Tomas

We are just now seeing the outward bands of Hurricane Tomas with some rain and wind. Thankfully the brunt of the storm is well to our south and expected to move west instead of north. Shouldn't be much more than a stormy afternoon, unfortunate though for those trick or treaters on the island. It is very strange to be spending Halloween in 80 degree weather instead of bundled up, doesn't even seem like it is Halloween. I could get used to this endless summer weather. Since we didn't participate in any Halloween festivities (the only one being a costume party at the local club) and don't have many new pictures to share, I'll share some oldies from the last few Halloweens just for fun. And a few from a hike to Pic Paradise that Owen did a couple weekends ago. 

There's not much news from the island. Owen passed all of his exams from a few weeks ago and has another round coming up in a week (it's every 3-4 weeks). So that keeps him busy. I have a few more hours of tutoring a week now, doing ESL with a student. Both my students have shown improvement on their test grades, so I'm thrilled. The neurologist I will be helping should be arriving this week so I may have more interesting updates soon. We are planning a trip to Anguilla (our neighboring island to the north) for 2 weekends from now. It has one of the top 10 beaches in the Caribbean with great snorkeling, so I'm sure we'll have a fun update and pictures from that. I guess that's all we have for now. Hopefully some people are still reading, if so my apologies for the lack of updates recently. Hope everyone is doingwell. Love and miss you all. 


  1. Thanks for the updates. Glad you are doing well. It is a cold Halloween here!

    love Aunt Jen

  2. I read them all too. Thx for the updates. Glad to hear Owen passed the exams.

    love, CT Allens